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Exam Accompaniment

I am experienced in providing piano accompaniment for grade exams up to grade 5 level. I have the benefit of being quite flexible when it comes to exam dates and times, so can usually fit the exam(s) in around my work. A further benefit is access to a teaching space that includes a mini recital hall (which is great practice for a student about to take an exam in a big space such as a church) and good quality pianos.

However I cannot take up accompaniment work at the last minute, unless I happen to have played the pieces recently. I need to have seen the music, practised it and rehearsed with the student before the exam. Piano accompaniments vary in difficulty and there may be some pieces which are too much of a challenge for me to learn in the time involved. In this situation I would rather be honest and help you to find another accompanist.

It is recommended that aural work is covered with your own teacher before a grade exam rehearsal. I am happy to run through tests but preparation for the aural tests should be covered in the weeks/months leading up to the exam. A rehearsal before the exam is not the ideal time to be covering the aural tests for the first time. I am happy to give separate aural lessons up to grade 5 level.

Depending on the location of the exam I may need to charge an additional cost to those set out on the fees page. This will be dependent on distance and travel time. I will of course advise about this.